E-book Review ’20 Steps to Creating a Killer Travel Blog’

Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read 20 Steps to Creating a Killer Travel Blog an e-book by Sarah Vandenberg. TOTS was not compensated for this review, although the e-book was provided free of charge. A review was not required, and all thoughts are my own.

I was attracted to the title of this book because I travel fairly frequently with my family and am always ‘thinking like a blogger’ as I tour places. I am mentally writing reviews from a mother’s perspective in hopes of one day blogging about them.

This book was an easy read with the 20 Steps including things like ‘sharpen your focus’ and ‘find your angle’. It gives the basic steps for beginning and maintaining a travel blog. It was a very helpful list and gave a bit of insight into each step.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was how fast it was over. I felt it was fairly simplistic for an moderately experienced blogger like myself. However, it was steps to initiating a blog, and intended for beginners. I do feel that more depth could have been given in some of the steps.

Overall this book truly inspired me to blog about our family travels. Who knows, maybe TOTS: Travel is in our future!

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