Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Decrease Your Bounce Rate


Some numbers are best when they are higher such as page views, but your bounce rate isn’t one of them.

Maybe you’re asking what is a bounce rate?

Your bounce rate is how long a reader stays on your site, how many pages/posts they read before exiting; bouncing from post to post, you keep them engaged in what they are reading and leading them to new content to check out.

You can find your bounce rate in your Google Analytics.

To decrease your bounce rate, create links within your post.

You want to give them somewhere else to go when they are done reading the post that brought them to you.

This is where plugins such as Related come in handy.

There are other ways to direct your readers to other posts as well.

One way to help your bounce rate is to make sure you have a (relevant) link in the first one or two paragraphs of your post and then another one or two at the bottom. Something like “I used my homemade thousand island salad dressing instead of store bought” something that will have them clicking through.

Another way is to have an attention-getting image (again, relevant to the post) at the bottom of your post linking through to another post.

Have the image link directly to the post as well as have a text link under/above the image.

A roundup post is a great way to get clicks on your links as well.

Now this part is important:

You want all links to your own content to open in the same window.

Once they leave that page/window/tab it is considered a new page view; therefore it doesn’t help your bounce rate.

Do follow and open in the same window.

If they are truly interested in the post they were originally reading, they will click back and finish reading.

For the past three months, I have been working hard on dropping my bounce rate, while increasing my page views using the same tactics.

I can’t believe how easy it is.

I have gone through some older posts that are still getting views and added links to newer content.

Then I verified we are linking to older content in newer posts.


This is on average what my bounce rate is now, right around the 68% mark. And you can see how my page views have jumped as well.

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