How I Connected with My Family’s Health

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We work hard to remain impartial but after living with this health monitor for a month I have learned how simple it is to connect with my Family’s Health!

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It is tough to eat properly and maintain a fitness schedule during the busy Holiday Season.

We have had some health scares this year as a result of some routine blood tests that basically told us to modify our eating habits and exercise more.

We found a device that tracks your activity progress and can track your loved one’s health status via a Smart Phone App

They are additional Apps that can be used to monitor Blood Pressure and EKG.


How I Connected with My Family’s Health

We spend a lot of time entertaining ourselves using various social media platforms and stumbled over a new Monitoring Device called Helo.

I believe this new device technology will revolutionize the Healthcare industry.

I know I need to change my lifestyle and most importantly my entire family’s habits. We must do it together.

We discovered that HELO (acronym for Health & Lifestyle Oracle) provides continuous health status feedback 24-7-365.

This is the first wearable health technology to combine the science of active sensors and integrate them with the beneficial health effects of natural stones.


Blood Pressure Measurement

Thanks to the Toshiba chip technology the data is collected by a light sensor that illuminates the skin and measures changes that relate to Blood Pressure.

The more often you use this feature the more the device learns about you.


Monitor Your Health Rate

The HELO device measures BMP data, displays and stores that data that you can share with your Doctor.

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Advanced ECG (Electrocardiogram) Test

Using the data collected while monitoring blood pressure and heart rate the ECG is the combined result of this data.

This data can be saved and shared with your Doctor.


Monitor your Breathing

Now this feature is what we needed for our aging parents and is how I connected with my Family’s health.

When my parents began having some health issues I felt that daily phone calls were not enough.

How would I know if my Mother was having a problem?

The HELO device solved this problem for us.

We took a leap of faith and  purchased the HELO LX Personal Bundle (4 devices).

HELO measures my Mom’s breathing in terms of breaths per minute.

We set predefined breathing levels so we know what is normal and if abnormal breathing levels are detected I will be notified.


Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Business HELO-LX-SMART-WATCH-WRISTBAND-300x244 How I Connected with My Family's Health All Posts Blogging Small Business TOTS Business  Health Monitor

Protect Your Loved Ones

As an active Mom and care giver to aging parents I need the peace of mind that the HELO provides.

HELO monitors my family’s vital signs which is how I connected with my Family’s health this Holiday Season.

The HELO device can send an Emergency SOS message with GPS location so you know exactly where to find them.

You can finally rest assured that you will be notified if a Family members vital signs dip below predefined levels.


Unexpected Bonus

Then you get the message that we are thrilled with this product and have shared our story with friends and family and now with you our readers.

We contacted the distributor and asked for more information and he suggested we encourage people to watch this Home Based Business Seminar.

It’s amazing what a great offer representing the HELO product is.

You can get more information here.


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