Have Business, Will Travel. What To Do With Your Small Business When Travelling.

Have Business Will Travel What To Do With Your Small Business When Travelling

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What do you do with your business when you are going to be away from home for an extended period of time? I’m leaving on a little 4 month cross-continental jaunt in a few days. Here’s how I’ve been preparing:

Made a plan for my products:

My choice was to either haul all of my inventory with me or deal with it some other way. I thought about having a big clearance sale, but in the end, I placed a lot of it in consignment stores, as I discussed in my last article. The items that remained I am leaving with my sister. Most are just back up stock should the stores sell out; a few types of items will still be online, and she will ship them out for me if they sell. Isn’t she a peach? :]

TOTS post images 090 Packing up and travelling with your business.

Prepared my materials:

I want to haul as little as possible without sacrificing thrift. I have a lot of materials on hand that I want to use up before I buy more. Happily for me, a lot of them are already cut up and some partially assembled. I put each project or the pieces for each type of product in gallon Ziploc bags to keep them organized in my work suitcase. This way, I’m just bringing out what I really need, not the scraps in between that I won’t be using. Of course, I could just get more materials there, but since we are driving, I don’t have to and I don’t want to.

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Packed my tools:

That cool green box that looks like an ammo can is a vintage Elna Grasshopper, my travel sewing machine. I also have a pint size cutting mat, and since many of my things are already cut out, it should suffice. Of course, I’ll be putting all the smaller items in as well: scissors, rotary cutter, and, sigh, the ever useful seam ripper…

Packing up and travelling with your business.

 Prepared to learn:

I plan to sew on our trip, but probably not as much as I have been at home. I plan to spend a good amount of time working in my creative business workbooks that I have been putting off. There’s a big value in a lot of portability.
All in all, I think I can temporarily move my business pretty adequately in one small suitcase plus the sewing machine and cutting mat. Tonight, I close up the big machine for four months.

Packing up and travelling with your business.
Have you ever had to take your business on the road or carry on business during a move? How did you manage it?

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