Brilliance in Advertising: Unrelated but Appealing

Brilliance in Advertising


We have all seen the television commercials that advertise a product where the premise is completely unrelated to the product itself.

Usually these commercials are humor-based, which we recently discussed the benefits of here, and are often targeted towards a specific audience. Read on for Brilliance in Advertising!

They may run a television commercial for the new Batman toy during Saturday morning cartoons. Or in the case of this commercial ad, something football related during the Superbowl:


Another commercial whose premise is unrelated to the product is this one by Kia from couple of years back:



Every parent will get the ‘where do babies come from’ question from their child so we can all relate to this one.

Not sure if it’s the adorable babies or that the dad’s story continues to get stranger as it continues. But we cannot look away, or change the channel. Brilliant.

Cadbury’s Drumming Gorilla

Another commercial completely unrelated to the product they are advertising is Cadbury’s drumming gorilla:



From the very beginning we are enthralled by this large ape, probably because they are so human-like, yet not.  They walk kind of like us and look kind of like us, but they’re not intelligent like us, right?

The advertisers already have us hooked into watching this commercial. And then a classic Phil Collins song comes on and we definitely cannot change the channel now. When the gorilla starts showing that drum set who’s boss all eyes are glued to the television.

Before you know it, it’s over and you see that Cadbury is responsible for this and scratch your head. It doesn’t end there though because the commercial has stuck with you. And you ask all of your friends and coworkers if they’ve seen it the next day.

In some strange, unrelated way Cadbury has successfully advertised their product to you.

I’m sure you can think of several other commercials like these and you remember them clearly too, right? 

What other advertisements that utilize unrelated themes but appealing tactics to promote their products or business?

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