How to keep your family time ahead of your blog time

Blogging with kids can be hard work.  Trust me… as a mom of four little ones, I know!
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Sometimes I have my posts scheduled weeks in advance and I can sit back, relax and enjoy my family time.  Other times, I feel like my work has snuck up behind me and I am looking at a blank post for tomorrow!   I want to share some ways that I keep my family time ahead of my blogging time, while still succeeding (as best I can) at both:
blog time w/ kids

1- Write without distraction – I like to write in the notes section of my computer.  This keeps me from looking at Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc…  It keeps me from clicking back & forth to all of the tabs that I have open at one time (way too many!)  I can get really far ahead this way.  I write when my husband is driving, I write when I am in the carpool line, waiting 20 minutes to even turn the car on and start moving, when everyone is asleep (like right now at 1:00 am).

2 Give the kids an activity.  If I have something that I have to do, I will pull out one of these activities.  They take me just a minute or two to set up, but give me a good hour of work time.  Sometimes that is all that you need to do your work for the day.   You could even put on a good movie, if you haven’t used TV time already that day.

3- Remember that when your kids need you, they need you.  It might be something small, but if they keep seeing your index finger coming up to tell them “one minute” pretty soon they will just stop asking.     I wrote a post on my personal blog called The 10 Lessons that I learned from my mom and this was such a big lesson for me…

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