Blogging and the Holidays

Are you going to be blogging through the holiday? Do you have time to sit a get a post out or will you be busy visiting family or friends or entertaining?

There are a few things that you can do during the busy holiday season:

  • Schedule. Write and schedule posts ahead of time. Be it one new post per week or two.
  • Have guest bloggers. Help someone gain new readers and gave her readers some fresh content.
  • Highlight posts. This could be a series of posts, such as all holiday dinner sides or maybe your most popular posts, or the ones that you enjoyed writing the most. Make this a list post or share an individual post.

Don’t forget to schedule your social media as well as you are scheduling your post. This way you have nothing to think about.

Blogging through the holiday season

Take a blogging break this holiday season and spend time with those who mean the most to you. Taking a week away and doing nothing in regards to blogging won’t hurt you or your blog, in fact it could be good for both. Relax and enjoy those who mean the most to you. You just might end up regaining some lost focus or something to post about in the future.


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