My Favorite ‘How To Blog’ Books

So I am embarking on a new journey… I am writing a “How to blog” book for my readers of

My co-founder, Paula, and I are both making enough of an income from blogging that our husbands can actually stop working at their current jobs and stay home with us to work with us.

My husband is a financial manager, so his income will really benefit me when he is home because he can organize my spreadsheets, make my sales pitches for me, etc…

Today I wanted to share the three books that got me started on blogging, before we officially release our own at the end of this month.

1- How to Grow Your Blog  

I co-wrote this book with some AMAZING authors… when I say amazing, I really mean successful, huge, fantastic… yep, amazing.   I suggest it to everyone:    Find out more here

2.   How to Grow your blog while managing your home:  This one is awesome if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom.  It just shares tips on how to live off of your blog, but keeping your real life first and your blog on the side.

She has different chapters that I find to be really helpful, such as…

  •  telling you her schedule
  • her money-making secrets
  • how she quickly gained followers
  • how she spreads the word about her blog
  • how she manages her home
  • how she takes care of her family (and what she WON’T be doing for her family)… I could seriously go on & on, but I have too much to say and would take up all of your time when you could just BUY THIS BOOK!

3. How to monetize your food blog:  This book is extremely helpful for those foodies out there because it can be hard to write sponsored posts, etc… when you are specific to one niche.

This book is going to work no matter what niche you are in… so just take it for what its worth & earn a living from your blog!

I hope that these were helpful to you today!

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