Being a Mother Makes Me Shop Differently


After ten years of marriage and seven children, my habits as a consumer have definitely changed.  As a single gal, I didn’t give much thought to things like warranties and durability.  If it looked cute, I grabbed it and hoped for the best!

But my children are bent on destroying nearly everything we buy.  Or at least it seems that way sometimes.  Whether it’s the favorite pajamas that I find myself washing multiple times a week or the coffee table that’s begging for scratch repairs, the things in our house really take a beating.

That means I have my eye on several factors when making purchase.  First of all, it must be within my budget.  I have a responsibility (along with my husband) to be a good steward of our finances.  Secondly, is it of good quality?  Will it last?  Can I re-use it for another child?  Will it hold its value if I want to sell it later on?  Thirdly, is it practical?  I like things that make my life easier.  Is it simple to clean and uncomplicated to use?

And last of all, but certainly not least of all, is the product backed by good service?  When something breaks, malfunctions or just plain confuses the heck out of me, I want to be able to get some prompt help from the source.  That might be a huge online retailer….or a work-at-home-mom.  In fact, that’s one of the benefits of buying from a WAHM; you’re dealing one-on-one with a person that you “get to know” personally in the course of the transaction.  She’s a woman, and a mother, just like you – that alone creates an instant connection.

Tips for buying toysWhat they used to call “service after the sale” is super important to me.  In fact, I’m often willing to spend more and stretch my budget a bit to snag a product that is backed by an awesome warranty and stellar service.  Over the years, investments like this have really paid off!

How about you?  Do you shop differently now that you have a family?, pub-8596903668708912, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0