AdSense Blogging 101: AdSense Profit Domination

Ask yourself, “Why Get Started on Adsense?” Why read Adsense Blogging 101: AdSense Profit Domination.

Isn’t the term “AdSense” little ironic, because for most of us, it doesn’t really make “Much Sense”?

Yet, it’s the simplest way new or experienced bloggers alike earn a tidy 4 to 5 figure profit in passive income doing nothing more than what they’re doing now: Driving Traffic.

There are many different methods of driving traffic.

Successful bloggers use multiple Social Media Networks to get traffic to their blog.

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Some say it’s the best compensation tool for small-time bloggers to make a good income from his or her efforts with little risk and unlimited potential without selling a single affiliate or self-made product.

If you have a hobby-based blog that is difficult to find products for or make any decent money from, AdSense is the answer.

Ask yourself, "Why Get Started on Adsense?" bloggers can earn a tidy 4 to 5 figure profit in passive income doing nothing more than what they're doing now: Driving Traffic.

Maybe it’s time to develop your Blog so you can monetize it?

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In many cases, if you don’t know what to do with the traffic you generate someone else does and you can make money sending traffic to them


I get it.

I understand you might have a few hang-ups about making money from efforts outside of a typical 9 to 5 job.

But ask yourself this question: Has passive income ever hurt Bill Gates? Warren Buffet?

Or bloggers like Yaro Starak? John Chow?

No. In fact, more money allowed them to expand their blogs, their business, and their life to help more people like, you and I, become better bloggers.

No shame in wanting to make money from your passion.

It’s only natural because with more money you can serve more people and reach a larger target audience.

What Does AdSense Do, Exactly?

It’s a service that automatically places relevant ads on your blog (or website).

Ads are crafted for your target audience to attract clicks and make you money.

In a nutshell, the money is made when you send traffic to online businesses so they can turnaround and make MORE than what they pay YOU in advertising dollars.

This is fair considering they take on more risk (paying you before they get results — if any).

Everybody wins:

  1. You (because you make money for sending quality traffic),
  2. Reader (because they might buy an offer that adds value to their lives),
  3. Advertiser (he/she makes more money than they spend providing the value).

To get started, check out AdSense.Com and get a free account.

The only thing you have to provide (other than the other obvious details) is tax information and earnings report for tax purposes.

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