A Small Business Mom Christmas Wish List


Well.ca is one of my favourite places to shop online

They have free shipping within Canada (spend over $99 and they free ship to the USA too) and a great selection.

It is perfect for someone like me who is super busy and does not want to drive the 30 minutes (each way) to the nearest store.

The holiday season is here and for all of you last minute shoppers here are my picks for a small business Mom Christmas wish list.


For $15.99 this is an amazing gift for anyone who goes to festivals/shows to sell their wares. It’s compact and a great way to keep your money safe and secur

single serve coffee maker

Mmmmmm coffee. I think that about says it all.

skincare kit

As a person who works from home I do not wear much makeup but I do take good care of my skin.

lindt chocolate

Who doesn’t like a chocolatey treat. For the person who you have no idea what they will like.

Bones TV Show

Or how about her favourite movie or TV show? Bones is one of my favourite. What a better way to spend cold winter nights then spend it watching a show with family.


You are probably thinking I am crazy for putting toilet paper on the list. But Well.ca has a subscriptions service for certain products. I know I would love having some items bought on subscription so I would need to worry about running out of tp again.

What would you LOVE to get for Christmas. 

Leave your comments below. 

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