8 No Fuss Beauty Tips

Jennifer Singer is a regular contributor of Thinking Outside The Sandbox. She knows first-hand the challenges of living a full and healthy life as a single parent and business owner.
Building on her twenty years in the fitness industry, she offers alternative ways to help people achieve ultimate wellness, and guides her clients toward ultimate abundance, experiencing health on many levels: financial, physical, personal and emotional.
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No Fuss Beauty TipsWe all know how it is. Life is busy – juggling many tasks, taking care of the kids, the house, bills, meetings, your career. Perhaps your skin has taken second to all of this?  

When you get to bed, all you want to do is get some sleep. I have been there.  So, here are some of my favorite NO FUSS skin care tips that I live by. They’re in no particular order and all of them rock!

Instead of beauty, aim for good health, so (1) don’t smoke and stay away from second-hand smoke – easier to do in today’s society, but I am still surprised how many people still choose to smoke. Cigarette smoking causes your skin to age even more than exposure to sunlight does.

Moderate smokers are almost twice as likely to wrinkle prematurely than non-smokers, and heavy smokers are almost three times more likely to wrinkle prematurely. And not only that, smoking increases your risk of gauntness and facial discoloration. So stop smoking, its not that hard.

No matter how busy you are, aim for at least 30 minutes of (2) exercise to shed stress and hormones and improve circulation.  A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen and published in the American Journal of Physiology have shown that 30 minutes of daily exercise provide an equally effective loss of weight and body mass as an hour.

One of the easiest and best beauty and health tip I learned is to (3) drink water to clean out toxins, not soda, not coffee, not juices, just plain ol’ WATER! And alkaline water ideally. Water has no fat, no calories, no carbs, no sugar.

It promotes weight loss and is a natural appetite suppressant. It flushes out toxins and is the best drink there is… cool clear water.

You are what you eat, so make sure you (4) eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s a very effective tool for lowering blood pressure, and specific components of fruits and vegetables may also be protective against cancer.

The fibers in fruits and vegetables helps in digestion and keeps your eyes and body in good shape.

And try to (5) get enough sleep to balance your hormones and regenerate your skin, sneak in a power-nap or meditation mid day or when you feel like you need it. When you are healthy, you look more youthful and act that way.  

Lack of sleep can lead to lackluster skin, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, sallow skin and puffy eyes.  

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so don’t fake it, (6) enhance your best features and avoid drastic changes and a lot of makeup. Wearing too much make-up makes you look old. Both make up and sun damages the skin.

Make up is to cover discolorations and flaws but wearing too much will only worsen it. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed. A great rule of thumb is, if you would not eat it, don’t put it on your skin.

And please, (7) no to harsh chemicals and treatments, simplify! There are simple solutions. For more specifics please feel free to contact me.

Lastly, (8) SMILE and you will look younger and prettier.  The world is beautiful and so are you. You are ALIVE and that in itself is a reason to smile!

Express who you are — not some artificial ideal. Don’t mask the real you. Living the truth of who you are is gorgeous!


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