6 Ways for a Good Writer to Make Money

6 Ways for a Good Writer to Make Money

Submit stories, articles and prose to publications that you love. It might be easier than you think, and pay more than you expect. For instance, Living the Country Life offers $100 to readers whose helpful DIY tips are accepted and published. No need to write a full-length article! Likewise, you can send humorous bits, jokes and 100-word stories to Readers Digest. Do your children subscribe to any magazines? Many of these will pay per line for simple, appealing prose and poetry, and even more for full-length stories. One of the best resources for freelancers looking to get published is the Writer’s Market; this regularly updated guide includes guidelines, contact information and even tells how much you’ll be paid.

Sign up for online freelance sites and receive opportunities by email. Sites like Elance and Odesk share work opportunities for writing online. You can sift through proposals to find work that interests you and for a price that you feel is fair.

Join a blog. Creating and managing your own blog is a big time commitment. Why not be a contributor at someone else’s blog? To increase your chances of finding compensated guest posting opportunities, look for popular blogs with large followings, or blogs that are tied to a company you love. For example, the Step 2 toy brand occasionally opens up compensated opportunities for select bloggers to regularly contribute to the site. Last year I worked for a review blogger who was swamped with requests; I took on ops she didn’t have time for and got to keep a lot of great products as compensation. A couple of these reviews even included high-value store gift cards I could spend. Here at TOTS we are also always looking for awesome contributors. Email for details. [email protected]

Write copy for businesses. Compose text for someone else’s website. Create the wording for their brochure or catalog. You can pitch both local and online businesses. I once earned money by writing product descriptions for a WAHM’s Etsy shop.

Mind the minutes. Both businesses and government agencies often take “minutes” of scheduled meetings and will appoint a clerk or secretary to record them. Additionally, local newspapers sometimes hire part-timers to attend such meetings and turn in a report for the paper. You simply show up at the meeting, take notes, and then turn in your report. Several years ago, I served as treasurer at City Hall. I attended one monthly meeting (it was in the evening for one hour so my husband was home to watch the children), printed out a half-page report and earned over $100 each month for these simple tasks.

Check Craigslist. You can look under the “Jobs” heading for “Writing/Editing” gigs both locally and online.  What’s really nice about work like this is it can help you network locally and possibly open the door for a future career in your area. I just checked my local Craigslist out of curiosity this morning and found a home remodeler looking for someone to write content for his website and monthly newsletter. There’s also a web design company willing to train a talented writer to be their SEO Specialist.

Words are everywhere, and that can translate into writing jobs for you! Have you had success picking up part-time or full-time work by using your writing skills?



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