6 Ways to Look and Feel Confident…When You’re Not

6 Ways to Look and Feel Confident...When You're Not

6 Ways to Look and Feel Confident…When You’re Not

Some situations call for confidence or at least the appearance of it! Maybe it’s a job interview or conference, or simply your first play date in a brand new town, or publishing your first YouTube video?

There a lot of times when you need to look poised and relaxed, even if your knees are secretly shaking.

Look Like It

I have a friend that loves to say “fake it ’til you make it!” What he means is, look and act the part and it will become more real for you. Ever notice how your children instantly change when they put on costumes?

As soon as my son puts on his helmet and grabs his sword, he goes into action! He looks, and acts, like an unstoppable force! So dress the part with your goals in mind.

Inspire Yourself with Music

The right kind of music has actually been proven to boost your confidence. What could be easier? While you’re getting ready, put on music that gets you going and encourages you.

Sing along, if you want! Studies have shown that high-powered songs with lots of bass are some of the best. So there’s a really good reason you often hear “We Will Rock You” at ball games.

Practice the Part

It may feel cheesy, but it works. Practice what you’re going to say. Think of a few good conversation starters.

If you’re making a video or speech, run through it in front of a test audience. For me, that would be husband and children, but anyone will do!

Loosen Up

Just like runners do before a race, physically shake out your anxiety and tenseness. Add some neck rolls and stretches for good measure.

Be Happy

A smile is powerful. Giving compliments makes you and others feel good. Saying positive things banishes negativity and doubt.

Get a great start to whatever you’re doing by cultivating cheerfulness and good intentions.

Be Honest

How about just spilling the beans? Telling other people, “I’m a little bit shy,” or “I don’t know anyone in this room!” can be stress-relieving and it can also bring out the goodness in others.

A person who can show a little bit of vulnerability comes across as more real and approachable. I don’t know about you, but when someone says to me that they are nervous or feeling out of place, I immediately want to help.

Whereas, if they act aloof or stay silent, I’m a lot less likely to reach out. So go ahead and ask for a lifeline. Ain’t no shame! Think 6 Ways to Look and Feel Confident…When You’re Not

Use a Prop

My children give me confidence because I’ve been a mother so long and it’s a role I’m comfortable and secure in. Having someone, or something, like that near you can give you an added boost of confidence.

A teacher might hold a book or a pointer; at a wedding, it can be the cup of punch in your hand. If you’re making a video, enlist a partner to share the limelight with you, at least until you get your wings.

6 Ways to Look and Feel Confident…When You’re Not. What are your tips for looking and feeling confident?


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