6 Maintenance Tasks For Your Blog

6 Maintenance Tasks For Your Blog

Maintaining your website is about more than paying for hosting, your domain name, or keeping the plugins and themes updated. You also need to keep track of your blog from the readers’ viewpoint.

6 Maintenance Tasks For Your Blog

These are six very simple blog keeping tasks to make sure your site looks, responses, represents the current you.

  1. Sidebar. Is it looking cluttered? We like to have the places that we write for, or work for represented on our site for others to know about. But be careful that it isn’t drawing too much attention from your posts or even turning readers away.
  2. Ads. This goes along with the above-mentioned sidebar. Too many draws the eye away and may turn readers off. Don’t get me wrong, earn money, but be careful to find that balance.
  3. Updated pages. Make sure that your pages are up to date. Your “About” page often will date exactly how long it has been since you updated it. Is your child now 9 years old but your “About” page says 5? Also, make sure that your other pages are updated: current work listed, prices, contact info, etc.
  4. Links are working. WordPress has a broken link checker plugin that you can add to keep on top of this, if not using WordPress you can use a broken link checker website to check you site, it’s free.
  5. Site loading time. Nothing turns a person away from a website faster than a page that won’t load or a site that takes too long to load. It is recommended that it loads under three seconds. There are a number of sites that you can use to test the speed of your site.
  6. Plugins. This one is a little more behind the scenes than the others, but can affect the rest. Make sure that they are updated, if you have plugins installed that aren’t activated and don’t plan to activate, think about deleting them. They can put your site at risk. Too many plugins can slow your site down as well.

Think about scheduling a time to do this repeatedly, once every few months, to keep everything fresh and up to date.

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