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You have worked incredibly hard to write the perfect post, but without promoting your post no one will ever see it!

Learn Ways To Promote Your Blog with these five easy steps.

Here are my top 5 ways to promote your blog


In the beginning, you may not have very many email subscribers, but start building your list now!

This is one of the best ways to promote your blog.

Place a sign-up box at the on the top and bottom of your blog to begin with.

I even like to place them in the actual blog post.

Writing emails do not have to be ridiculously time-consuming.

For beginner bloggers, it is easy to use an automated email service that will email your readers every time you publish a post.

Some great options are Mail Chimp, Mail Poet, or Jet Pack has a built-in service.


Social Media

Make sure you are sharing your posts on at least the top 5 social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are great for blog posts).

You also want to use correct image sizes for them.

Make sure you have horizontal and vertical images.

Images are what catch people’s attention.

Tip: Do not just share once!

With so much being shared, your post will become lost and may never be seen if you only share it one time.


Guest Blog

One of the most unused ways to grow your blog is by writing for other people’s blogs.

Look for a blog that is bigger than yours and write an article for that blog.

Why should you do guest posts? It helps to get exposure and traffic.

You will be allowed to have a bio that includes a link to your site in your guest post.

This can result in a lot of traffic for you.

Don’t be upset if the first place you try turns you down.

Just remember to keep on trying.


Join Link-ups and Blog Hops

Link-ups and blog hops are a great way to leave your link for others to see.

The link-up I co-host then shares our favorite posts the following week!

We have 4 co-hosts, and you are featured with all of us! That can build a lot of extra traffic.

Tip: A lot of times the link-ups will have rules, so be sure you follow them.

Some will say will require you to share so many posts or comment on them.

Plus they help you meet other blogging buddies!


Comment on Other Blogs

When I say comment, I don’t mean ‘great post’!

Most bloggers are looking for meaningful comments.

You need to really to contribute to the conversation.

Did the post have a question you could answer?

By taking the time to make meaningful comments the blogger and their viewers will begin to notice you and visit your blog.

This will lead to more traffic for you; you might even get a link or invitation to guest blog out of it.

As you blog longer promoting will become much easier.

You will learn the best ways to promote your blog in no time!


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