5 Ways To Earn Money TODAY As A Blogger

Blogging is a great way to earn money … in a few years.   You can build up your audience, learn what they love and work to that viewpoint.  However, in the meantime, you might need a few extra dollars for things like going out to eat (or buying groceries).  For me, it was to pay for our son’s preschool.

Here are 5 Ways to earn money TODAY as a blogger
make money today

1- Write a guest post for someone.   I know that a lot of bloggers accept guest posts and will pay for them (depending on the quality, of course).  I do this on my site (I pay for round-ups) and I know many other bloggers that do the same.  If you are good at images, you are pretty much golden!

2- Sell a book!  Seriously!  My affiliates (of the books that I have written) make $5 per book sale.  That means that if you want to make $5, you have to sell one book.  How do you do that?  PIN IT!   Or Facebook share it!   This was the first way that I started to make money on my blog- selling other bloggers’ books.  (Bonus: most bloggers will give you a free copy to review beforehand)

3- Sign up with a company that offers rewards for affiliates.   I am a huge user of DollarPhotoClub.  I love their images.  I buy 2-5 daily and I can always find what I need.  For that reason, I refer everyone to them! I also get a kickback from the company using my affiliate link.  This is a win-win because the better images bring traffic to my reader’s blogs … and I am earning a commission that they have to pay either way (it goes to the company or to me, but either way, they are paying the money).

4. Share an affiliate link on Facebook!  You can share it on your personal page or your blog page.  You might even want to ask a friend to like it for you in order to increase page reach.

5.  Make a printable PDF file that your readers have to buy.   Make a great image or a great quote and sell it for $1.99.  Make it BEAUTIFUL!   (Or take a few weeks and write a short e-book and sell it for a little more!)

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