5 Ways Your RSS Reader can Help You Become a Better Blogger

Are you using an RSS reader to catch up on your favorite blogs?

There are some people who use their RSS reader to aggregate content, as they keep up with their favorite blogs or find new blogs to follow.

If you’re an avid blog reader like me, and you cringe at the thought of hundreds of blog posts showing up in your email inbox every week, RSS readers are an ideal, convenient way to aggregate content.

But are you using your RSS reader to its full potential?


RSS For Beginners

First things first, what is an RSS reader? RSS stands for

Really Simple Syndication

You use an RSS Reader to subscribe to a news feed.

It’s like subscribing to a magazine or blog that is delivered to you regularly, but instead of it coming in your email inbox when it’s published it gets delivered to your RSS Reader every time your favorite website updates.

There are a variety of RSS readers available to use, each with its own characteristics that make it unique.

If you’re looking for an RSS reader, feel free to browse this resource for more information and resources on using RSS feeds to follow and syndicate your blog.

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How Bloggers Can Maximize The Potential of RSS Readers

Did you know that you can use your RSS reader as a time-saving workhorse?

Why limit yourself to simply finding blogs to read when your reader is capable of providing so many additional benefits?

As a blogger, I’m always looking for ways to increase my output, create killer content, and generate the most visibility for my posts.

Aren’t we all?

5 Ways Your RSS Reader Can Help You Better Blogger

An RSS reader is more than a reading platform.

With so much content organized in one place, this structure is particularly useful for bloggers, since we’re always looking for content to blog about.

No matter what you blog about, here are five easy ways your RSS reader can help you become a better blogger.

Save time: Your RSS reader provides one neat place to keep track of new content from your favorite sites.

No more surfing individual sites for content or sorting through bookmarks.

You can organize the content by category or whatever parameters suit your needs.

Make research simple: Research becomes a much simpler task.

Keep up on trending topics by following the leading sites, experts and authorities in your niche.

When you’re looking for content about a particular topic, the latest posts from those sites will be on one organized platform waiting for you.

Gain followers: Your fans can subscribe to your updates if you give them the RSS feed as a subscription option on your website.

Not everyone wants to share their email address to receive your newsletters, but they still want to keep up with your latest posts.


This is a non-intrusive way to deliver your content.

Find content to blog about: Your RSS feed can help fuel your content strategy.

I sometimes write blog posts that reference or elaborate on a topic from another article.

As you scan through your RSS feed, you will also notice trending topics that are creating buzz.

This may help you blog about trending topics, to keep your content fresh and current.

Find content to share: Reviewing your RSS feed is a great way to find original content to share with your social media followers.

Most RSS readers provide a simple one-click option for you to share individual articles in your news feed.

This is a great way to keep your followers informed, and positions you as a knowledgeable blogger who keeps up with trending topics in your niche.

Make blogging easier on yourself and get in the habit of using your RSS reader for more than simply following blogs.

You can use any combination of these tips to fill your content pipeline.

Your arsenal of blog content will stay stocked with fresh topics and inspiration, which will help you to become a better blogger!


So tell me, how do you use your RSS reader?




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