5 Strangest Things that have happened to Me Delivering Pizzas

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Pizza Delivery Adventures

Working in delivery, you are the often referred to as the “face of the business.”

For example, in one of the jobs I currently hold, I deliver pizza.

There are normally two people working in the store for every driver also working.

The drivers handle most of the transactions with customers in store, at the front till.

We also obviously see all the customers in their homes too.

So when customers are judging the food and the service, it has a lot to do with the drivers.

There are certain expectations made of us by the international chain of pizza store I work for.

They tell us how to dress, how we can wear our hair, how our facial hair can be groomed, the number of piercing (ears or otherwise) we are allowed to have and countless other things. There are probably 20-25 things listed off in a handy graphic board posted in the staff bathroom.

But what about the customers.

We judge them too.

Here are the 5 Strangest Things that have happened to Me Delivering Pizzas

High school cheerleaders, dripping wet from a winter hot tub session, gave me their number instead of a tip.

Was in my low 30s at the time.

I even thought it was creepy.

Delivered pizza twice now to the same strip club.

The first time, it was for an actual stripper.

During the exchange of money for food, her breast popped out of her “shirt.”

She didn’t fix it, didn’t even acknowledge that it happened.

I once got stuck backing out of a customers driveway during a snow storm.

The customer refused to allow me to use a shovel that was sitting on their porch, let alone help me get unstuck.

People think their walls are sound proof.

I can assure you they are not.

I hear arguments between couples about frivolous spending (like $30+ for a couple pizzas), parenting (you need to hold this &^&^%$&^%^ kid so I can pay for your ^&$%^()&()&() pizza) and other fun subjects.

And arguably, the funniest/strangest thing I ever saw/heard on delivery was this.

Customer: “Get this disgusting piece of %^%^& pizza out of here.”
Me: “You’re welcome to keep it and we will bring you a replacement.”
Customer: “ I don’t even want it in my house.”
Me: “Ok. I’ll take it. Please phone the store and tell them how your pizza was supposed to be prepared.”

Here’s the background of that incident.

The customer ordered their food online, told us how to make it, chose the toppings and clearly messed it up themselves.

But to them it was our fault.

They asked for a pizza with double cheese on half, no cheese on the other half and pepperoni on the side with no cheese.

It actually did look disgusting.

But that it what they ordered for themselves, there was no lost in translation or description through out customer service people.

It was quite an ordeal to fix and when she phoned the store to try and fix it, she explained it wrong a second time and got a second pizza that was also made incorrectly before I finally cleared it up for the pizza makers.

It should have been double cheese and pepperoni on half and a plain cheese on the other half.

Seems pretty simple in hindsight.

Customer service can be a crazy job. Let’s here your stories in the comments. 


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