4 Ways for a Blogger to Make Extra Cash


4 Ways for a Blogger to Make Extra Cash

4 Ways for a Blogger to Make Extra Cash

If you have an established blog, there are at least 4 ways for a blogger to make extra cash each month using your unique skill set.

Like most any job, it will require some hustling on your part to land these opportunities.

Thankfully, as your own blog and influence grow over the years, you’ll find that pitching and selling yourself will be rarely, if ever, necessary.

Social Media Manager

To land this gig, you’ll need to be social media savvy and active on multiple channels.

Pitch a business you already love; they will be more likely to hire someone who truly believes in the product.

Negotiate your rate in cash or products based on time spent per week or per month. A good starting rate might be $20 or $30 per hour.

Be prepared for a trial period; some businesses are interested in results before hiring a manager long-term.

Customer Service from Home

You can work from home answering emails or calls, doing miscellaneous website tasks, running online chat or managing affiliates.

Businesses hire out tasks like these more than you might realize. So ask around, put the word out, and keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

Blog Elsewhere

Have you noticed that lots of companies don’t have blogs, or the ones they’ve started look really neglected?

If you’ve made a success of your own blog, offer to start or manage someone else’s. Once again, it helps to ask a business you are already familiar with.

Sell Your Knowledge

If you are an expert in a field, consider offering your services by appointment as a consultant. I’m not talking about rocket science, law or English literature.

People will pay to learn just about anything, and it might be something you know how to do very well.

Examples: how to sell on Ebay, how to start and promote a blog, how to use a DSLR camera or how to lower business start-up costs.

This is a great market for bloggers, because most of them have a niche topic they are very comfortable with.

Think outside the (sand)box. I started a business several years ago simply because I love to name things. Yes, people will pay for a good name.

Have you found ways to make extra money online as a blogger?


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