3 Tips For New Bloggers


As we approach 2019, I thought I would include a post that gives the Top 3 Tips for New Bloggers as it stands now.


3 Tips For New Bloggers


Blogging is not new.

In fact, there are many who have been Blogging for as long as 20+ years.

If you are new to Blogging then the most important thing you need to know is that you will always be learning!

Times change and the way people utilize the internet and social media changes.

Policies change, new platforms emerge, better sites are created for us to utilize and Brands will conform and change with the Blogger as well.


Make Your Posts Picture Perfect

If you ask a Blogger where their top referring sources come from that bring readers to their posts, you will hear a variety of answers.

However, one source that most people will credit is Pinterest!

Why Pinterest works as an excellent referring site for some and not others is the photos!

Pinterest will be your Blogs best friend if you give Pinterest what it wants and that is informative, quality, pinnable images.

Subscribing to a site like PhotoMonkey or Piknik is a must!

Get that camera out and practice your photo skills. Get to know your camera settings.

If you have an older DLSR, then a $15 Lightscoop is a purchase that will be well worth it as it will make your photos and close-ups pop!

Upload the photos into an editing site and crop, enhance, add descriptives and borders or color. 

The first photo uploaded to your post will be the one grabbed first for your shares and should tell your readers what the post is about.

See the image above? You would have not have had access to the Title of this post and know what it was about just on the graphic alone.

That is what your photo needs to portray.

This is what Pinterest and browsing readers want.

There are thousands of images on the web-why should they click yours? Invite them to!


Join Communities

You’ve written your post, but it will not share itself!

Joining Blogger communities on Facebook or Google Plus Circles or joining Pinterest Group boards will take your posts places you can not send it on your own.

The purpose of a group or circle is to reciprocate.

If you want a Blogger to scratch your back, you must scratch theirs.

We are all in this together and we need each others reach to get our post noticed and read! 

As you join a group, first read the guidelines!

Yes, it is a lot of verbiage but you want to make sure you are getting the most out of the group.

Sometimes you find that in the instructions are links to add your Blog or social media.

May have missed that link otherwise.

You also do not want to be deleted from a group because you reciprocated wrong or worse yet, flag that group because you ignored a policy within that platform.


How do you find communities?

In Facebook, find Bloggers you already follow-go to their profile and scan their ‘Groups’ they belong to.

You may find some great ones that way.

You can also use the Facebook search bar and type ‘Blogging’ or ‘Blog Groups’-then on the pop down menu click ‘Pages with Blogging…” and see the list of available groups.

Navigate to your your main Google+ URL

Then go to ‘Communities’ under the profile tab on upper left.

From there you will have recommendations or Discoveries to browse groups relative to your content.

Pinterest is a bit more difficult. Most group boards are only available by invite only.

This is why the other communities can be of benefit.

You may need to ask around to be invited. Join and share your posts and watch your analytics start climbing!


Find a niche and write often

All experienced Bloggers know that the more active you are, the bigger your analytics reach.

It really is important to identify yourself and your Blog.

Have an ‘About Me’ photo and descriptive near the top of your sidebar so your Blog becomes a bit more personal.

Have a descriptive in your Title Bar & tabs near the top that tell a reader the type of content you write about.

Help your readers know that your topics that they may be interested in will be continually providing them relevant information.

It is one thing to bring a reader to your Blog, but making sure they come back will depend on their first visit.

Like a business, the first impression starts as they enter your establishment. 

And finally as simple as these ideas sound, it’s wise to connect with others like you and make your posts appealing then readers will visit and return for more!

Are you a new blogger? Share your link below and help gain readers!


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