10 Ways to Increase Your Number of Facebook Fans

If you want to Increase your number of Facebook Fans, it is not quite as hard as it seems.

If you want to Increase your number of Facebook Fans, it is not quite as hard as it seems.

Here are a few rules to get you started:

1) Post pictures

A picture that entices your readers to click on your post is an easy way to get your message out there.

When their friends see that they have liked your picture, they might want to ‘like’ your page.

2) Leave the link in the comments

Leaving your link in the comments instead of the main post is an easy way to get more followers because more people see it.

3) Post questions that you know will get great answers

Ask questions about their family, about their technology gadgets, about their favorite dinner food.  (specific questions like “Did anyone get to check out the newest movie today?”  go over better than “What did you do today?”)

4) Post often

They say to aim for at least three posts per day.

One for your morning crowd, one for your afternoon crowd, & one for your evening crowd.

5) Share other pages

Give and you shall receive.

I never hesitate to share something great that I see on a fellow blogger page (& I try to tag them in it to let them know that I have done this).

6) Comment back!

Hit the reply button and let your readers know that you are seeing what they say and that you appreciate them taking the time to comment.

7) Join a blogging group on FB where you can “like” each-others posts and pages

8) Join giveaways

This is a great way to increase your fan base!   Join giveaways with other bloggers and share your pages with each others’ readers.

9) Be genuine

This method will increase your number of Facebook Fans.

10) Be positive

I read once that a negative blogger is like a train wreck.  You stop to look, but its not something that you want to see every day.  Give your readers a positive feeling when they read your posts/comments.

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