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What is Your Website or Blog Grade?

What is Your Website or Blog Grade? And why should you care?

What is Your Website or Blog Grade? And why should you care?

Marketing Grader is a free online tool which grades your website or blog on traffic, leads and analytics.

Finally the best part? It gives you results and tips so you know how to better your score.

Our Score is good; we scored 22/30 on Performance, 30/30 on Mobile, 25/30 on SEO and 10/10 on Security.


Ok so let’s talk about Performance in detail

What is your website or blog grade and why is it important?

Page size is important because the larger the page the slower the page loads.

If you keep your page size below 3MB you will achieve optimal performance.

Page requests is something we have an issue with.

The more HTTP requests your website makes, the slower it runs. reports that 47% of consumers expect quick load times and 40% will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

How do I speed up my Site?

First remove any unused images.

If you delete a blog article and have no use for the images then delete these images.

Next you need to reduce the file size for remaining images which reduces the load time and speeds up your site.


How do I reduce my File Size?

We use TinyPNG.

This is a WordPress plugin that you download for FREE.

Below is an actual screenshot of where we began in total file size and what this program saved us in terms of memory size.

A 51.6% savings is good!

What is Your Website or Blog Grade?

Deleted photo’s and compressing the remaining pics on your site requires minimal technical knowledge.

We highly recommend that anyone with a website use this simple hack.

The next more complex issues are JavaScript and CSS File. We strongly recommend that you engage a developer with core strengths in WordPress to address any issues with JavaScript and or CSS Files.


Mobile usability

We scored well on this metric.

If your website is not Mobile friendly you are in trouble as your rankings will never perform well.

There are 2 important aspects to creating a good mobile experience for viewers.

  1. Responsive design is most important and is usually a built-in to the theme you select with your website.
  2. Viewport is a setting that determines the page width and scale on different devices e.g. Smart Phone, Tablet and Desk Top.

Just take a look at this screenshot showing the “Sessions By Device” breakdown.

What is Your Website or Blog Grade?

The trend is definitely moving towards Mobile. Google reported that in 2016 Mobile searches surpassed Desktop searches.


So first; what the hell is SEO?



Search Engine Optimization is the process or steps to ensure your web site is appealing to the appropriate people and search engines and that people find you when they look for information, products or services that your site wants to be found.

The basics, to make sure your site is found, is to use Yoast’s free wordpress plugin and always ensure you have:

  1. Page Titles no longer than 70 characters and don’t repeat keywords,
  2. Meta Description no longer than 300 characters and include keyword you want to rank for,
  3. Headings and Hierarchy are important as they identify most important information from core content,
  4. Sitemap is helps Google navigate your site and interpret what is important.

Next is Security

Google is favoring websites in search results that have an SSL Certificate (Appears as HTTPS in your website URL).

This provides a more secure website environment, especially for eCommerce sites.

It also makes visitors more comfortable that you are trustworthy and that your website is authentic.



What is Your Website or Blog Grade? And why should you care?

Once you have used these simple steps to help your website load faster you will notice that your bounce rate decreases and your average number of page views per visit increases.

Sounds simple? It is 🙂

Now the next step is to increase traffic to your Blog or website.

The simplest method is to use Social Media.

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What is Your Website or Blog Grade? And why should you care? 

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What is Your Website or Blog Grade? And why should you care? 

Blogging has become a very popular form of social communication… and a powerful platform for making money online. In part, it’s because Google loves blogs… and you can benefit from FREE Google search engine traffic when you know how to properly set up your blog. Truth is, there’s no quicker way to get your site on Google than with a blog. 


What’s was you scores?

What is Your Website or Blog Grade?

What is Your Website or Blog Grade? Marketing Grader is a free online tool which grades your website or blog on traffic, leads and analytics.

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