Ways To Make Money (At Home) Outside Your Business

Ways to make money at homeStarting your own business can be hard and unless you have a massively successful company you probably will find financially it can be tough.

Here are some ways you can make some extra money while still having time to be mom, business owner, head chef and all of the other hats we wear.

These sites are all USA/Canada friendly. Please check with each site individually too see if they accept international users.

**Note: These are not ‘get rich quick sites’ the payouts are very small. I only spend about 1-2 hours a week ‘working’ on these sites. I opened a separate paypal account where all of the money I earn from these sites goes into. I have saved up for all of our Christmas shopping doing this (yay!). I recommend opening a separate email account just for these as they say they do not sell your email address but it is better to be safe then get a whole bunch of spam.  Some of these links are my personal referral links so if you click on them and sign up I will get a small kick back.


Paidviewpoint.com -Paidviewpoint is a survey site. The great news – the surveys are really short. The bad news – the trait score survey’s only pay $0.03 each. I have been on the site for only a few weeks and have made just under $4.00 BUT at most I answer 10 questions a day (all multiple choice).  They also have business survey’s which are to pay more money I have not received one of them yet.

bzzagentBzzAgent – BzzAgent does not pay money but they exchange product for your feedback and creating buzz about a product. I love being part of BzzAgent. Not only have I received full size products to review (Burt’s Bees facial cleanser/moisturizer and Claritin allergy medicine) but I have also learned a lot about marketing I can transfer to my business. BzzAgent has great transparency and the marketing materials they send you on a product are top notch. Also because you submit all of your reviews/buzz activities and a BzzAgent staffer gives your points/feedback I have been able to better my own review skills. (UPDATE: Please check out this picture on our Facebook page to see the type of kits BzzAgent sends you).

askingcanadiansaskingcanadians – Askingcanadians is another survey site. Instead of cash they pay you in your choice of points (I chose Aeroplan) or you can get entered into draws. These surveys can be lengthy but I really like how they send you an email with the general length, how many points you will receive is you are approved or not to take the survey etc. The surveys are generally marketing related and I think are a great benefit to a small business owner. I have gotten some good insight into upcoming trends as well as up and coming marketing styles just by completing these surveys.

fushioncashFusionCash – Again this is yet again another survey site. However this one also allows you to complete offers (which I do not do). You receive $5.00 just for signing out and, on average, $1.00 for each completed survey. Again, I like to complete surveys because I find a benefit to them. I just signed up with them so I do not know how quickly they send the money owed but in their policies it states they cash out only after $25.00 has been reached and only on the 20th of each month.

usertestingUserTesting – This is by far my favourite of the bunch. Not only because it pays the best ($10.00 a test) but also because I have learned so much. UserTesting is a usability testing site which means companies like Bell pay for you to review/critique their websites for ease of use, layout, content etc. You do need to have a microphone because you are recorded while you speak your thought aloud (which is a learning curve) and you screen is recorded. They send you around 2-3 tests a week (depends on what you qualify for) so this does not replace a full time job but they pay you 7 days after you complete your test into your paypal account. Being able to check out different website and think about what works and doesn’t while talking through it has really helped develop my critical thinking skills. I really recommend this website.

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