Vehicle Choices For Your Family

Turning into a soccer mom (or dad) is a tough decision for many parents. Admitting defeat and that a sports car will no longer meet the needs of your family is a choice that haunts many parents. One of our TOTS contributors, James, shared his thoughts on shopping for a vehicle over at our friend’s at Lawton Chrysler Jeep Dodge.

I have a wife, three-year-old and dog who spend a lot of time in the car too, to protect. At 35 years old, I may finally have to accept I’m not getting any younger. The days of cars may be behind me, to be replaced by a minivan. A van opens up a whole new world of storage and capabilities. As a teenage, I loved my grandparent’s Grand Caravan. I drove it everywhere for them, towing a trailer behind me. It was great never having to worry about filling that van, it seemed unfillable.

If you are in the market, or know someone who is, we invite you to take a look at the post, and share it with your friends.

Have you made the big switch to the minivan?

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