Use StumbleUpon to Get More Page Views

Use StumbleUpon to get more page views


Getting traffic to a website is one of the most important parts of online marketing and here we how to Use StumbleUpon To Get More Page Views.

Bloggers spend a lot of time optimizing their sites for the search engines, submitting them to directories and building incoming links.

It’s a lot of work, but if done properly, the traffic will come.


Use StumbleUpon to Get More Page Views

StumbleUpon is one of those often overlooked sites that can drive sizable amounts of traffic to your website.


What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is an online community that allows users to discover web pages.

Users download the StumbleUpon Toolbar and click on the “Stumble” button when they want to be taken to a new page.  They may give each page a “thumbs up” or thumbs down.”

Sites are selected from those submitted by other StumbleUpon users based on the user’s interests and ratings of similar sites.

Not only is this a fun way for web surfers to discover new things, it also presents a grand opportunity for bloggers who are seeking traffic.


How to Get Started with StumbleUpon

After you create an account, select Interests you would like to find web pages about.

Next, make sure to find and connect with your friends on StumbleUpon (this lets you share your great finds easier as well as helps improve the quality of your Stumbles).

Finally, browse through and follow different Channels to see even more great content in your Stumble stream from brands, sites and celebrities you like.

Now, it’s time to stumble! You can start stumbling from anywhere on StumbleUpon by clicking the “Stumble!” button in your StumbleBar at the top of your screen.

You can also start stumbling from several other places such as by clicking a web page shown on a member’s profile or one of the tiles on your Home page or Profile page.

If you want to increase your chances of your content getting stumbled, the best way to do so is to add a StumbleUpon badge to your website content.

You can grab the coding for it on the StumbleUpon badges page.

StumbleUpon grab a badge

How to Use StumbleUpon to Get More Page Views and to Drive Traffic

In order to get the most out of StumbleUpon, you’ll need to download the toolbar and use it to rate and submit some sites.

This serves a couple of purposes.

First, using the toolbar familiarizes you with the type of content users like and respond to.

Second, it reduces the chances of you being viewed as a spammer when you submit your own sites.

Submitting multiple sites reduces the chances of having your site banned.

StumbleUpon isn’t solely a self-promotional tool.

Users will think you’re there for self-serving purposes if you only stumble your own site.

Other users can see what you’ve stumbled and submitted, and if that only consists of things from one or two sites, they could report you for spamming or vote your submissions down.


Once you’ve used StumbleUpon for a while, submit a page you would like to send some traffic to.

You can do this by visiting the page and clicking the “thumbs up” button.

A window will pop up telling you that you have discovered a new site and it will ask you to tag it and write a short review.


StumbleUpon add a page

Selecting the right topic and tags is important in order to get the right kind of traffic.

You’ll need to choose topics and tags that are highly relevant.

These topics and tags are what people would use to find the type of page you’re submitting.

It’s also helpful to include a short, intriguing review.

Some users look for pages of interest on the StumbleUpon website and those with reviews are more likely to get traffic from there.

StumbleUpon is a multi-media outlet.

Text isn’t the only type of content that works on StumbleUpon. Pictures and videos are just as interesting, so don’t limit your stumbles to text-only content.

By getting involved in the StumbleUpon community and rating other websites wins you significant benefits.

This will help your website appear for StumbleUpon communities who have very similar interests to your own.


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Free eBook download Marketing With StumbleUpon - Use StumbleUpon to Get More Page Views

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You’ve probably heard of StumbleUpon, but I bet you don’t realize just what a powerhouse of high converting, targeted traffic it really is? 

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Like other social news and media sites, StumbleUpon can deliver a quick spike of traffic.

So invest time in the community as it will bring traffic for months to come if the page gets good ratings.

StumbleUpon is free, quick to download and easy to use.

Adding it to your traffic-building tool belt can bring droves of visitors to your site.

And if they like what they see, they’ll stumble more pages and keep the cycle going.

If you liked these tips, I’d love for you to stumble this post!


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