Tips for Being a More Organized Blogger

Let me start first by saying that I am not an organized blogger. So, why and I writing this then? Well, I do know some helpful tips and I am hoping that if I share them with you then I might do a better job at putting them into action myself.

My first tip, and this is one that I actually do follow through with is to use a calendar. I prefer to use Google Calendar. I use it in correlation with my Google email address and most importantly, it works for me.

You can see in my screen shot that I can use different colors for different events/projects. You can set due dates for projects, dates for a one day event, dates for multi-day events and even re-occurring events too. I get a reminder email sent to me the day before something is due and it works out well for me.

My second tip is to set days that you want to blog consistently. I do not do so well with this one. I used to though, so that’s got to get me some credit, right? In a previous blogging endeavor I would commit to blogging on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I knew that Monday would be about topic or category X, Wednesday about category Y and Friday about category Z. This way your followers know that they can go to your blog on these certain days and find a new post. If I visit a blog and see that the posts are random and spotty I am less likely to subscribe or re-visit.

With my current blog I am hosting a review and giveaway every Friday, but the other blog posts are a bit random and that is something I need to work on. Not only does this consistency help keep your followers engaged, it will help you to feel more organized and confident in your blogging.

My third tip is to have an organized workspace. I totally fail at this one. I would take a photo of mine, but I am too embarrassed at its current state. I do my blogging on my 5+ year old laptop. I love it like a dear friend but it is on its way out and will no longer hold a charge, even after replacing the battery. This means that I am confined to a wall outlet. I found a permanent home at my dining table, which works, but it also means that my space is shared with spilled sippy cups, leftover sandwich crusts and yesterdays mail. As I am blogging I have these sights (things I need to be cleaning), not to mention everything in the kitchen, and it can be distracting.

Maybe we need to take 5 minutes to clean things up a bit. Even if you do work at a computer desk, and I bet there is clutter piled there too, it doesn’t help if you can’t focus on what you want to write.

My final tip is to clear your mental to do list. I always have things running through my mind like I need to email so and so tomorrow about that review, dont forget, dont forget, dont forget. This can inhibit me from clearly thinking and clearly writing. This can be a subconscious thing for me so I might not even realize its happening. With an issue like this I can go to my Google Calendar and quickly create an event for tomorrow to remind me to write this email.

It’s not always that simple though. Sometimes you have serious life issues weighing down on you and it is something you cannot avoid or move past. Since you like to write, you are a blogger, right, I would suggest opening up a blank document and just start writing about what’s on your mind. It doesn’t have to be anything well-written or that you want someone else to see, it just has to come from your mind. You’ll be surprised how much this can help. Plus, this might be content you can go back to for a future blog post.

What are your tips for being an organized blogger?

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