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Small Business WAHM Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Small Business and Holiday Gift Guide


Every holiday season I rack my brain trying to pick the perfect gifts.

I always have these grand ideas about making my own awesome presents but I inevitably run out of time and have to purchase something from the mall.

This year will be different.

I know I won’t have the time so I will go out and buy my gifts from an amazing WAHM or small business company.

I know some of you feel the same way.

Buying from a small business or WAHM (work at home mom) is an excellent way to find that special gift you cannot buy just anywhere.

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All About Cloth DiapersUltimate Guide to Cloth DiapersSmall Business Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - Ultimate Guide To Cloth Diapers

$27 – Perfect for those expectant parents in your life.

This e-book is an in-depth, specific look into everything you need to know about cloth diapers. Perfect for beginners or expert cloth diaper users. Save time and money while avoiding common frustrations that can happen with cloth diapers. Includes two bonus videos. Bonus #1: My Personal Slam Dunk Wash Routine & Bonus #2: Step-by-Step Video Showing You How To Sell Cloth Diapers Online.

 Leftover Hippies IncenseHoliday Spice Incense Sticks Small Business Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - Holiday Spice Incense

 $3.19 (6) – Perfect for those who love the environment or only use natural products.

Holiday Spice Incense is made with real cinnamon bark, nutmeg and cloves and each 4″ stick burns for about half an hour. Since it is made with all natural ingredients, there are no toxins released into your home as with inferior commercial brands, plus, it smells so much more delicious!

 ElefunSherpa Lined Winter Vest Small Business Gift Guide 2014 - Elefun Children's Clothes $52.00 – Perfect for the stylish kid in your life.

Elefun Kids Fashion was created with the objective of helping young families to create beautiful memories as their children grow; to introduce children to the beauties of nature and art.


 White-o-Coccoli Children’s TablewarePersonalized Smiley Spoon Small Business Holiday Gift Guide - Smiley Spoons

 $6.50 – Perfect for the kid ‘with the really hard to spell name’ on your list. 

Hand personalized bamboo smiley spoons! The most unique names are displayed because each name is added by hand!

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