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Setting Up AdSense Ads to Make Money

If you’re reading this, chances are you want to start making money from your blog. Here are the steps to get you started with AdSense.

You’ll need a Gmail account to set up AdSense. Follow the steps and tell them about your site: your domain URL and content language. Then you’ll have to provide contact information payee name, etc. Once you have that information filled out, you can then submit it to Google.

Setting Up Adsense Ads to Make Money

Now that you have your AdSense account approved, it’s time to get your ads up and going.

You can have three ads per page on your site, and since you are wanting to make money, make sure that you are making all the money that you can and that others already are.

Ads to have:

  • A Leader Board Ad (728 x 90 header ad) this is a perfectly placed ad below your header.
  • An ad below your post, before the comments, or in your post.
  • An ad in your sidebar, preferably above the fold (Above the fold meaning when you first open your site, without scrolling you can see it).

Setting Up Adsense Ads to Make Money

My preference is to have my ads set to Text & Display ads, not everyone likes the look of text ads. This is something you can change later on if you decide to. You do not have to have back up ads.

Look to your Google Analytics to see how readers are viewing your site. With the majority of my readers looking at my mobile site, I realized that I was losing potential earnings because my mobile site was too basic.

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I have updated it by using WPTouch. Now, I’ll watch, because I’m optimistic, my earnings increase.

Next, check out how your ads are performing. At the top you will see Performance reports, and in the side bar, click Ad units.

Setting Up Adsense Ads to Make Money

Through trial and error, I have moved mine around to get more clicks. At one time I had one in my footer. But without everyone seeing that ad it wasn’t bring in much, so I moved it to the sidebar where it is already generating income.

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