Selling Your Wares Through Pinterest

how to sell your wares directly through pinterestBy now you all know how addicted I am to Pinterest.

But did you know you can also sell your wares directly through it?

Within Pinterest you can show items are for sale by adding a price in the description. Anytime a price is added Pinterest adds a neat little banner showing the item is for sale.

sell on pinterest

Having a banner with your price is a great feature Pinterest added. A viewer can click on your pin and be taken directly to your website. But what if your website was not properly attributed?

I recently stumbled upon Pin2Sell. Pin2Sell is a very basic site which takes selling your items on Pinterest to the next level.

Your item instead of being sold through your website. It is sold directly through Pinterest using paypal.

I think this is a brilliant idea.

It does add some work for the seller. You need to make sure you connect with the buyer and make sure they check out your other products but overall it is a great concept.

Have you tried Pin2Sell?

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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