Selling on Amazon: Professional Seller versus Individual Seller

If you read my previous post How To Start Selling Items on Amazon then you know that there are two different accounts that you can choose between when selling on Professional and Individual.

Here is an infographic from that shows you some differences between the two accounts:

Selling on Amazon: Professional Seller versus Individual Seller



So, how do you decide between the two?

It really depends on how many items you plan on selling. If you have an inventory already built up (featuring desirable items) and maybe even a customer base already then there is a good chance that you will sell 40 or more items per month. In this case choosing the professional account will best benefit you as a seller. You will pay the $39.99 monthly fee and not be charged $0.99 per item sold like the Individual account. There are also several other benefits a Professional Seller will have  (seen in the last 4 boxes of the Selling Plan Features shown above).

If you are like me and just want to see if this whole selling on Amazon thing is going to work out for you then an Individual plan is probably a better idea to start. For the most part  I am selling random, single-listing items and have not sold next to 40 items in a month yet. Though I do hope to begin selling more than 4o items per month, it does not make sense for me to have a Professional Seller account until I reach that level of sales on a regular basis.

Have you sold items on before? How has the experience been for you?

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