Quick Tip: Save Money On Shipping!

One of our contributors, Anne from Zephyr Hill Blog, reminded me of this awesome tip!

PayPal Ship Now

I love shipping through PayPal. Because of their high volume of shipped packages through many carriers, they get the best price for shipping. It is also a very easy and straightforward process.

“BUT”, you may ask, “what if the item isn’t paid for through PayPal? Can I still get the cheapest shipping price?”

YES!! As long as you have a PayPal account it’s easy!

Simply type in http://paypal.com/shipnow, you will be prompted to login, if you haven’t already.

From there you will be able to type in the receivers information and get the volume discount available through PayPal.

There’s my advice on one easy way to save on shipping costs!

photo credit: Steve Ganz via photopin cc

Have you ever shipped through PayPal? Tell our readers how easy it is!

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