Put a Ring in It: How to Write A Great Title for a Blog Post

Put a Ring in It: How to Write A Great Title for a Blog Post

Does this happen to you? You have a great idea for a blog post and brilliantly the words pour out of you onto the screen. You are so happy with your good fortune but then, the title stares blankly at you – “What are you going to do with me?” it says, obstinately. “Ah!” and things were going so well.

The title of your blog post is, in some ways, the icing on the cake – it summarizes an idea and sweetly adds a finishing touch. But, in other ways it is the very cake itself – it is the first thing people read when they come to your post, it is the heart of what you want to say. Make it cake-y and icing-like with these important reminders:

 Make it Keyword Rich

You want to achieve good search engine optimization when composing a post. Afterall, you want people to find your stunning work so that they can admire it. Keywords belong not only in the body of your post, in section headings but also in the title wherever possible. “Whenever possible” is actually a key part of this instruction – if it sounds artificial, don’t do it. Your priority should be making your post, and your title, read-able and fun. However, there are many instances when you can add a word, or two, to make your title keyword rich without sacrificing the flair of your writing. Take my title above as an example. Do you mind that I added “Blog” before “Post” to make it more keyword rich?

Make it Relevant

And chances are if the words in your title are relevant to your blog post, they will automatically be keyword rich. Keywords are really words that signal to the reader (and search engines) what your post is about. To make your title relevant to your blog post, try this exercise: write what your blog is about in one sentence. Take that sentence and form it into a title. Add a little flair to that new title, check for keywords of course, and suddenly – bam!

Make it Ring

Put a little ring into it! Hey, why not? Adding a little flair to an otherwise information only title makes it more exciting and engaging for the reader. Use your title as an opportunity to set the tone for your post. How playful is it (and are you, the writer)? Don’t be afraid to play on words or to reference cultural artifacts everyone is likely to know. This makes people smile and you want happy people to read your clever musings.

Try these three tips and get started writing AMAZING blog post titles today! What is the best title you have written?

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