Planning For a New Web Design

That time of the year is coming again: the New Year. We’re all about making and keeping resolutions, making personal, professional and business goals. The time of the year that bloggers start looking for or rolling out their new designs for the year.
If you too are thinking about perhaps getting a new design in the new year, start thinking about what it is your looking for now.

Planning your Web Design

I have a few easy tips to make it easier for you, and the designer that you plan to work with.

  • Start a (secret) Pinterest board and pin anything you like/love. Anything that you’d like to see in your new design.
  • Know your colors, tagline, font (roughly), layout, etc
  • Look for designers that have done work similar to what you are looking for.

Or maybe you are just looking for a quick update, just such as just a logo. Fiverr could be a great place to check out. $5 for a new logo to instant  new look.

I have heard of bloggers paying for logos or designs and not getting what they wanted or could even use. Why? Because, they didn’t read the fine print, or because their designer charges X per change. Please make sure that you know the fine print/details, and if they charge per change you request. Some designers include a number of changes in their price.

Are you planning a change? Link to your site below!

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