Paypal – Invoice Templates

Paypal - Invoice Templates

Paypal – Invoice Templates

Paypal is an awesome tool for business moms that need to accept payment online. If you are a business that manually sends invoices to customers, using Paypal Invoice Templates will save you time. Paypal – Invoice Templates.

One: Log into to your Paypal account.

Two: Click ‘Create an Invoice’ and then ‘Create an Invoice’ again.

Three: Select ‘Create New Template’ beside select a template to start. 

Four: Add your logo to the template.

Click ‘Add logo’. And select ‘browse’ to find the logo on your computer.The logo needs to be 200 X 75 pixels and maximum of 100KB.

Five: Add the information regarding what your customer is purchasing.

Include cost and details of the purchase.

Six: Include details about terms and conditions.

You can also add a memo to the customer and there is a spot to place a memo that your customers will not see. 

Seven: Click ‘Create Template’ and it will allow you to name your template.

It is located at the bottom of the page. I suggest choosing something detailed enough that you will know exactly what it is without needing to open it.

Eight: Click ‘Save’.

When you are ready to complete an invoice from your template, it will be in a drop down menu next to ‘Select a template to start’. Simply fill in the customer’s email address and hit ‘send invoice’. If you want to take a peek at what the customer will receive, select ‘preview’.


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