Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Business/Blog?

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Business/Blog?

It’s easy to get into a trap with your business. You know the one. The I-Must-Do-Everything-Right-And-Google-All-Day-Long trap.

The pressure to follow all of the rules can be overwhelming.

I have fallen for the trap and in doing so have made the following mistakes.

Not Being Organized

Organization is key. I remember (not fondly) having to do taxes in the spring. What I should have done was set aside a few minutes a week/month to input everything into excel spreadsheets and file away my papers appropriately. Instead I spent 3(!!) full days at the library going through a huge stack of gas receipts and piles of paper. I would have saved myself time and money (daycare costs) if I would have just done it right from the get go.

Saying Yes

Of course there will be times when opportunities come along and you will want to say yes to them but you do not (and shouldn’t fell like you have to) say yes to everything and everyone. Sometimes things are not a great fit and that is okay.

Not Having Policies In Place

I never realize how important policies are before I am faced with a weird situation and have to make a decision on the fly. It is MUCH easier to policies in place in case some one wants to write a sponsored post, negotiate shipping costs, return a used item or wants you to include a free unicorn with purchase. You can always break your own policies or make exceptions if the need arises.

Not Taking Breaks

When we started TOTS I worked on the blog all the time. Most nights I was up until 1am tweaking, installing and writing. The blog benefited greatly from the time  spent, my marriage did not. It is easy to get sucked in with all the little things there are to do when you have a business or blog but you cannot have work/life balance if you just work all the time. Make sure you schedule time off and take it. If that means you sit outside without your smart phone and read a book for 15 minutes or take your kids to the park for an hour so be it.

Not Asking For Help

Running a business and/or blog is hard. There are lots to know and so much to do. We try to make it a bit easier for you by providing the (free) resources you need to be successful. Even with all the awesome information we provide (shameless plug) it is still  hard to do all on your own. I am very grateful to have Cat as my blog partner. Everything I am not so stellar at she is awesome at and vice versa. If you run your business or blog without a partner you can still collaborate with other like-minded people by joining forums, groups etc.

We have a facebook groups for Canadian Mommy Bloggers and WAHM/Small Business Moms if you would like to join.

What are the biggest mistakes you have made and learned from?



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