How to Make a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page

How to Make a Cover Photo for Your Facebook Page

It’s very easy to create an eye-catching cover photo to grace the top of your business or blog’s Facebook page. Your Facebook “cover” is that long rectangular space at the very top. All you need is a good image that represents your page well and then a little bit of re-sizing to make it fit Facebook’s specifications. This can be easily done with the free online image editor, Picmonkey.

I’ll show you the step-by-step using screen shots from my computer.

First, visit Picmonkey and select Edit a Photo. A dialog box will pop up and allow you to choose an image or photo from your computer.


Your image will now appear on the main work space:


Let’s say my blog is about farming, so this view of my backyard should work nicely as a cover photo, don’t you think?

Now, it’s time to cut it down to size. Additional edits can be done later.

From the lefthand menu in Picmonkey choose Crop and then in the dropdown box for proportions scroll down until you see “Facebook Timeline.” You can look to the right and see that Picmonkey has now applied the standard Facebook cover photo dimensions to your photo, but don’t click “Apply” yet! If you want, take your mouse and move the box around until it highlights the area you want cropped out.


When you have your selection nailed down, click apply. You now have a working cover image in the correct size.

Now you can further enhance it with text and a border; there are many other embellishment options but I can’t fit them all into this blog post).

Look to the left again and choose “Tt.” The text options will pop up and you can hit the Add Text button to make a text box appear on your image.


Click on the text box and type whatever you want it to say. Use the color box at right and the font options at left to further customize the text to your liking. Text can be re-sized by “pulling” at the box’s corners. There are a lot of fun fonts to choose from so don’t forget to keep scrolling down for all the choices!

I opted to use the rustic Chelsea Market font and change my color to dark green to match the natural setting.


If your business or blog has a tagline, simply create a second text box and customize/move/re-size as described above.

Now look back to the left and you’ll see what looks like a tiny picture frame (under the “Tt” and the butterfly). Click here to put a border or frame around your image, if desired. I chose Simple Edge and colored it green again to match the lettering. If you don’t want an inner border, just slide the “Thickness” selector bar to zero and it will disappear from your image.

For my Outer Color I used the drop-down to choose dark green and then adjusted the thickness of the border.

When you are done with your border (or borders, if you are “double matting” your image), click the green Apply button.


Now save the completed cover photo by clicking the Save button which is right above your image. In the dialog box that pops up don’t change the size. Just type in a file name and click Save to my Computer.


Now login to your Facebook page. Here’s my page with no cover photo yet (the name has been erased out for privacy):


Click the Add a Cover button, or if you have an existing image you’re replacing, just hover over it and you can choose Change Cover. From the dropdown box that appears choose Upload Photo and find the image you just saved from Picmonkey. Facebook will allow you to reposition the image, if you like.

Click the blue Save Changes button under your image and you’re done!


There’s just one thing I want to mention about Facebook covers before I conclude.  Although Facebook previously said that cover images couldn’t contain more than 20% text, as of August 2013 the rule no longer seems to be in force. However, Facebook still asks that cover images not be used for advertising or promotions, nor should they infringe on anyone else’s copyrights.


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