How to List an Item for Sale by Merchant on Amazon

I previously talked to you about listing items for sale on Amazon using the FBA system. If you have large items, ones that are quickly going out of season, or if you just feel more comfortable shipping them yourself then I recommend using the Merchant Fulfilled system.

Merchant Fulfilled is similar to eBay, wherein you list your items for sale and when they sell you ship them from your stock to the customer.  There are both benefits and drawbacks with the Amazon fulfilled and Merchant fulfilled system and I will talk more about that in a future post.

To list an item for sale by Merchant you will have to log into your Seller Central and bring the Inventory drop menu down, choosing Add a Product.

listing merchant 1

Next, you will type in the product name, upc number or ISBN and click Search.  Find the product that is the match for what you are selling and click Sell Yours.

listing merchant 2

You will then have to fill out the Condition, Price, Quantity and Shipping Option. If the product is used then I suggest filling out the Condition Note. When you have filled out the required field you can simple click on the Save and Finish button.

listing merchant 3

That’s it, you have listed your item(s) for sale!

listing merchant 4Amazon will email you when your items have sold and then it is in your hands to ship it out to your customer in a timely fashion. You must also make sure that you package your products appropriately so they are safe during shipping.

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