KISSMIF #5: How to Succeed with Pinterest Smartfeed, Facebook and Twitter

This is the fifth installment of KISSMIF:  Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!

Helpful Social Media information including tips on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter

I have found the world of podcasts and have had a lot of fun listening to different blog podcasts.  One of my most favorite podcasts is The Social Media Examiner Podcast.  Easy tips about PInterest

Since Pinterest is my favorite social media platform, I loved a podcast about optimizing Pinterest pins with the Pinterest new smart feed.   I would recommend you listening to the podcast as it is rich in information.  It is from Peg Fitzpatrick who is an awesome blogger to follow and it’s only about 8 minutes long.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

The podcast explains what the smart feed is.  Basically, Pinterest has enhanced key features, so you need to make sure that your pins include these key features to get your pins moved to the top of the feed.

  • The best pins include high-quality images that are clear and relevant, no border, minimal text, and great helpful pin descriptions.  (The “no-border” information was new to me.  My pins always have a border, and some have done very well.  I will have to try it.)

Here are some tips for having great pins:

  1. Design beautiful pins–tall; vertical pins.  Preferred image ratio is 2:3.  Your pin should be between  600-735 pixels wide.
  2.  The text should be incorporated into your image and tone down your logo.  She said to put your URL on the photos.  I have been using my logo and not the URL– I guess I will go back to the URL.
  3. Craft thoughtful descriptions with keywords that are relevant; don’t overstuff the description with keywords or use over-salesy text in the description.
  4. Re-pin high-quality pins.  Re-pins factor into the smart feed algorithm.
  5. Be helpful.
  6. Optimize your blog for Pinterest — add the “Pin It” button and Pinterest widgets.

HERE is a more technical post about Pinterest’s smart feed.

If your re-pins have dropped since the smart feed has been incorporated, here are a couple of the fixes she mentions:

  1. Revisit old pins and update them with better descriptions.
  2. Update your boards descriptions — include keywords and have them in the right category.
  3. Be more active on Pinterest.  Listen to her podcast to hear more!

Social Media News about Facebook.

Many may have heard about the new Facebook Group App.  I know, it’s another app.   However, if you are in a ton of groups, it will probably be helpful.  I forgot about some of the groups I am in!  I loved how it is so easy to see all your groups and which ones have new notifications.  It’s super easy to use.

Twitter now has group private messaging!

Was any of this new to you?  What was your favorite bit of information?  I would love to know!

Stay tuned for more Social Media News!  If you find more social media or blogging news that would be perfect for these posts, please email Tammy at creativekkids(@)creativekkids(dot)com.

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