KISSMIF #4: Social Media Predictions for 2015 and Tips for Google+, Facebook, and More

This is the fourth installment of KISSMIF:  Keep it Simple, Social Media is Fun!

Social Media predictions for 2015 and tips for Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Since we have  just entered a new year, there have been many posts with predictions for what will be happening in social media in 2015.  One interesting post was from Social Media Examiner with its 28 Social Media Marketing Predictions for 2015 from the Pros.    Many of these predictions were more for business owners than strictly bloggers, but I thought #1 was very interesting.  It shows that we should be sharing some videos to increase interaction on our social medias and also trying to produce some videos if we can.

If you do produce your own videos, upload it to YouTube which can be monetized, but also upload it directly to Facebook to increase it’s visibility on your business page rather than just sharing it from YouTube.

Here were a few more interesting predictions:

  • #6 was rather discouraging, so if you can’t afford to pay for advertising, then really work on interacting in communities that will boost your posts.  Build some authentic relationships with other bloggers such as tribes where everyone will want to help each other out.
  • #7 shows the need for bloggers to establish a presence on Google+.
  • And I love #17.  Don’t just focus on Google+ or Facebook when you are posting on Google+ or Facebook.  Definitely include the pin that relates to that post on Facebook and G+.  You can also share a pin on Twitter.

Google+ Social media news

  • If you want to establish more of a presence on Google+, then this article by +Peg Fitzpatrick is a must-read.  She is also a must-follow on Google+.  She shares how to post on Google+ and how you can format your text.  I think I will try her notification circle idea.  Go HERE to read the article.
  • +martin shervington is also a must-follow and authority on Google+.  He wrote an excellent article about how to share your posts on Google+.  The post clearly explains who can see your posts on Google+.  Go HERE to read the post.

Social Media News about Facebook.

  • There has been much talk about how hardly anyone will see your posts starting January 1 because of the changes Facebook has said they are making January 1, 2015. I haven’t seen any changes on my page so far.  Not many people saw my posts before January 1, but I haven’t seen a drop.  Kim Garst on Boom Social wrote a good article back in December saying what the changes are, and as long as your posts are not overly promotional, they will still be seen by some (but not many) people.   Go HERE to read the post.

Easy tips about PInterest

  • Since keywords are such a factor on Pinterest, it is interesting to see what is predicted to be trending on Pinterest in 2015.  Mashable shows what is predicted to be the top 10 trending pins for 2015.  I am skeptical of some of them, but I guess maybe I should start cooking some more cauliflower.   If you go to The Pinterest 100 Board, they say that these pins are are 100 trending Pins in popular categories.  Many of these pins are already gardening pins, cleaning, and fitness pins.  I think I will start looking at this board to see what kind of pins are trending.  If you write a post that is similar to any of these pins, when you go to pin your post use some of the keywords that you see on the trending pins!

Stay tuned for more Social Media News!  If you find more social media or blogging news that would be perfect for these posts, please email Tammy at creativekkids(@)creativekkids(dot)com.

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