How to Take a Vacation From Business This Summer

How to Take a Vacation From Business This Summer

Summer is finally here! School has wrapped up, the kids are packed for their day camps or you are juggling a few extra things on your plate. You are hopefully planning for a summer vacation to take you away from the demands of the every-day. If you are like me, you are wondering just how you will step away from your small business. But don’t be afraid of “stepping off the treadmill” for a bit; breaks give us perspective, they rejuvenate our souls and give our bodies some rest and the opportunity to de-stress. If you are feeling guilty about not working, think of it this way – your summer vacation this year is a corporate retreat. You can really make this a reality by taking 10-minutes at the start of every day while on vacation, to sit with a notebook and meditate on new directions for your business, your overall plan, and specific goals. For great results, do this after a few rounds of sun salutations or a brisk walk or run in the outdoors.

But how will you get to your “corporate retreat”, while ensuring your obligations are met? Here are a few pointers:

1. Give your clients advance warning.

If you have clients who are relying on you to get a job done, be sure to let them know as early as possible when you will be on vacation. If you will be out of touch for a week or more, let them know that you would like to come up with a strategy in order to allow for that time away. Bloggers can let advertisers and ad networks know of their vacation, so that these individuals know not to expect a response during that time.

2. Plan Ahead

Make a list of all your outstanding projects or business goals for the summer – perhaps it is a series of blog posts you need to get to. This forms your to-do list for before you go on vacation. Start to tackle this list by adding extra time to your work week leading up to your big time away. Say one hour to two hours each week is now devoted to getting things done in advance. Tackle all of those extra projects and get them submitted to clients.

3. Schedule!

While planning ahead, write extra blog posts and schedule them for while you are away. You can even schedule social media so you don’t miss a beat, even if you are deep in the woods with no reception!

3. Let Go

Talk to your clients about your time away and agree to do what you can in advance to ensure their needs are met. Get any blog posts that you can done in advance and scheduled. And then let go knowing you have done everything you can to make sure your business is covered, even while you are away. Taking time off is normal and natural and your clients (and computer) and anyone else relying on you the rest of the year, will understand your need to unwind.

You can check in periodically while you are away, but I think the idea behind vacations is to completely unplug. Do your 10-minute business reflection with a notebook and then toss business aside and hit the lake with your kids. Your body will thank you for it.

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