How To Put a Recommendations Box on your Facebook Page

How To Put A Recommendations Box On A Facebook Business Page

I love reading recommendations for companies I want to try.  I want to read what other people think, good and bad.  On some Facebook Pages, there’s an awesome Recommendations box, and you can even rate by stars!

If you have a Recommendations box on your page, it shows up below the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ box and above the ‘Likes’ box.  As you can see below, it’s not there.

No Recs Box

Here’s how to put a Recommendations box on your page:

1)  Go to the Admin section of your Facebook Page, click on ‘Edit Page’, then click on ‘Update Page Info’.

Admin Page


2) Enter your address, even if it’s just a city and province/state.

3)  Check the option that says ‘Show this map on the page.’


4) Ta-daa!!

Recommendations Box


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