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How To Make Money Blogging With Glitter Network

There are many ways we make money blogging here at Thinking Outside The Sandbox. Sponsored posts, ads and affiliate links are just a few of the ways we earn cash.

In order to make money with our blog we are constantly trying new ways/ad networks.

Recently, we have joined Glitter Network.

Glitter network is a cross between an ad network and affiliate marketing. You place photo ads (such as the one under Have You Read? in the sidebar) and if/when people click on the ad and make the conversion needed (sale or sign up) you get a set amount. The amount ranges from 15 cents to 10 dollars with the average being around 2 dollars.

So far we like it. The images come in different sizes which is very helpful. In many of the offers there is  a freebie or sample attached. The dashboard is also very simple and easy to use.

They are also always running contests and promotions so if you are competitive and love winning Glitter is a great network for you.

We have not cashed out yet so I cannot give a complete review of the program but the offers through Glitter Network are different from those in other programs. It is always good to have different money making options.


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