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How To Get Back Some Of Your Lost Email Subscribers

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Your subscriber numbers are not just important to you; they are valuable leverage for sponsors. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which are hit and miss, email subscribers are a way for you to directly connect with fans, and this is very attractive for potential clients.

Here are 3 easy ways for you to try and “woo” some of those lost subscribers back and boost your email list numbers.

Facebook Call to Action

Once a week, post a status on Facebook to let fans know what they may have missed by not being a subscriber. Example: “Did you get the exclusive 10% off coupon that was sent to newsletter subscribers? Sign up today and don’t miss any more of these special offers!”

Follow-Up on Unconfirmed Requests

Most email subscription services require that people click a confirmation link to become an official member of your mailing list. A lot of people never complete this crucial second step, so remind fans often to check for that confirmation email in their inbox and click to confirm. Email programs like MadMimi let you view unconfirmed requests in your account dashboard. If it’s just a few people, don’t sweat it, but if you see a large number of unconfirmed email addresses, take action or they are just going to waste. Another idea is to put some type of reminder about needing to confirm right on your sign up page. Example: “Enter your email address to become a subscriber. IMPORTANT: You must confirm your request by clicking the link in the email you receive!”

Bribe Them Back

Run a giveaway and assign a high point value to your email subscription entry. Third-party giveaway platforms like Rafflecopter and Giveaway Tools allow you to do this very easily. It will encourage fans to not just follow you on social media. For the past few years, I have kept my email subscription link on every single giveaway run on my blog. It has a point value of 10, which is ranked higher than any other social media entries. My subscribers have grown steadily, month after month, so much that I’ve had to upgrade my plan twice with MadMimi to accommodate them!

It’s a good idea to give entrants an idea of the frequency of emails to expect and what type of content they will see. Most people are suspicious of being spammed with constant emails.

Check for Spam

It’s possible that some of your emails are being suppressed automatically because of sensitive spam filters in readers’ inboxes. Words in your blog post titles that can trigger a spam filter include “free” “deals” “money” and using symbols like a dollar sign. Putting words in CAPS can also flag your newsletter as spam. Yahoo seems to have highly sensitive spam filters; a large number of my suppressed email subscribers are Yahoo addresses. This is another thing you might post occasionally about on your Facebook page. Encourage fans to add your email address to their contacts so that it isn’t flagged.

Have you lost email subscribers? Do you have any tips for bringing the numbers back up?


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