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How Soliciting Ideas from your Audience can help Grow your Blog?

All writers get their fair share of blank screens, blinking cursors and bothersome questions. Master bloggers know the value of how to solicit ideas from your audience to help grow your blog.

They are very well aware of the importance of audience, but is it really just a factor that helps you meter your blog success?

Master bloggers know the value of how to solicit ideas from your audience to help grow your blog.

Well, we can lug-out ideas for our next blog from the comments on our previous blog.

As we all know that we invest our time on our blog to impress audience because audience helps grow your blog.

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” -Brian Clark


How to solicit ideas from your audience?

End your blog with a question

To communicate with your audience, you need to tempt them into giving their opinion.

People are more likely to drop comments when you end your blog with a question, and once they get into the habit of commenting, they’ll start making suggestions for the next blog.

Be more thoughtful about the comments

Analyse their opinions and try to figure out what they would like to know about in your next blog.

Reply to their comments

As they’re readers of your blog, they already respect your opinion.

So, when you reply to their comments, they’re likely to comment back, and this way you’ll be able to generate another idea for your blog.

Write a sequel

If any of your blogs got positive comments, it simply means they’d not mind reading more on the same subject.

So, writing a sequel could be an option here, but don’t overdo.

How Soliciting Ideas from your Audience can help you Grow your Blog?

Now, that you know how to pull out ideas from the audience, you need to know in what ways you can encourage people to comment on your blog.


Let’s take a look…


Use these techniques to encourage people to comment on your blog:

 Show that you believe in them

Most people chicken out from commenting not because they have a lack of knowledge, but because they’re not confident enough.

So, tell them that you believe in them.

This would also strengthen your bond with your readers, and make them tell their friends about your blog.

Your blog would get more traffic, and more traffic means more chances of getting more comments.

Strike at the common rival

To do this, you’d have to understand your target audience.

You must have heard people speaking, so enthusiastically, about a person they mutually hate.

Take this approach to encourage them to comment and show how much they agree with you.

Comment on others posts

You have to comment on others posts too; to claim people’s acknowledgment.

Invite them to comment

Quite straightforward!

It’s one of most simplest, yet effective methods of encouraging people to comment on your blog post.

Simply ask them for their feedback.

Answer their questions:

Not many people like to talk to walls!

So, by replying to their comments and queries, you are directly encouraging them to ask more even more questions.

More questions spawn more ideas to your end.

Appreciate their comments

Everyone loves appreciation.

So, appreciate the good comment in order to come up as a blogger who cares for about audience.

Be genuine, and state the reason why you found the particular comment good.

Make comments easy

If registration is needed in order to comment, most of the people are going to bail-out.

Most of the readers are lazy. If you make commenting easy for them, they’ll not mind commenting.

Value comments

If you give references to insightful comments on your blog, it’ll show people that you value their comment.

Thus, they would get encouraged to comment more often to get recognised.

Write thought-provoking content

Write something so thought-provoking that people can’t resist commenting.

Remember content is the king – this is how to solicit ideas from your audience to help grow your blog.


How Soliciting Ideas from your Audience can help you Grow your Blog?


If you got yourself into the habit of pulling blog ideas from your audience, you’d never run out of content to write about.

For the growth of your blog, you need to be consistent with the quality of your content.

So this is the answer –

Master bloggers know the value of how to solicit ideas from your audience to help grow your blog.

We all hit writer’s block, but the market needs no excuses.

Consistency is the key to stay strong in the market.

Take the demands and serve them well.

If you have any questions regarding this post, feel free to drop your queries in the comment box.


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