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So You Wrote A Blog Post: Top 10 Tips To Get It Read

Top Ten Tips To Get Your Blog Post Read

Blogs are great, they are useful at sharing information, documenting memories and some people even make money at it.

So you’ve started a blog, but how do you get anyone to read it? Below I have listed a few ways that TOTS and TOTS: Family get their posts shared.

1. Our Facebook pages. We currently have Facebook business pages for both TOTS and TOTS: Family. We post links to our posts daily to the wall in hopes that our current fans will see the post and visit the blogs. This is great if you already have a following on Facebook. Want to read about how to have your Facebook posts seen? Take a read of an older post I wrote. Remember, you can also Schedule Facebook Posts, to reach readers at the best time and to spread out your posting for when you are not around.

2. Pinterest. We are big ‘pinners’ here at TOTS (and TOTS: Family). Adding a catchy image and following Stephanie and Becky‘s posts about making pinterest friendly images and using Pinterest to grow your blog will certainly help. Pinterest is great because attractive posts can really spread as you get others to ‘repin’ your posts.

3. StumbleUpon. SU has been a little less active these days than in the past, I believe. However, ‘stumbling’ is really easy if you have the icon with your other sharing icons on each post. Like seen below. We get some traffic from fellow ‘stumblers’. I also love browsing posts on specific topics that interest me, like blogging or parenting.

 stumble logo

4. Twitter. We have our business facebook pages linking automatically to Twitter. This is a great option for people like me, who are not Twitter ‘superusers’. It makes tweeting completely mindless. There are people who feel that this is not a good practice, but for us, it gets people reading our posts, and that is the goal. Hannah wrote a great post on how to link Facebook and Twitter. We can also give you beginner tips on this post.

5. Blog Frogs. I add many posts to Blog Frogs. It is similar to Stumble Upon in that it shares your posts with others who are searching for topics that you are writing on. It is still very small, with only 197 fans on Facebook, but I love that we are posted to their facebook page when we add a post to their site. We do get a few views from them every day.

6. Share on your personal Facebook and Twitter pages. Your friends and family can often become your first readers and will often share posts that interest them. My mom is still my biggest fan!

7. Niche Pages. This is not applicable to all of you reading this post, but there are often niche pages that will repost a portion of posts, or link to posts that are in their niche. For example Autism will allow contributors to share autism stories and resources with their readers. Another place where we offer our posts to is SITS girls. They accept submissions of posts that are related to blogging. We have gotten MANY views of certain posts from them. For example our post on How To Run A Collaborative Blog is currently on their site. You can submit a post here andthey will decide if it is right for their readers.

8. Forums. As an example, if you write a blog about children or families, find a forum related to those topics. Try to be active in the conversations. Be sure you add a signature to your account, so that people can see your blog when you comment. Don’t spam, but if someone asks about potty training for instance, and you have a great post on the topic, reply to them with a link. Be sure to verify forum rules to ensure that you are not going against policies. We are members of a number of blogging forums and often share our posts when people are looking for answers on certain subjects.

9. Linked In. Katrina adds all our posts to our business account on Linked In. It is not a social media resource I am especially proficient in, but we do have a post on The Benefits Of Linked In.

10. Google +. Again, this is more Katrina’s specialty, but she does add our posts to Google + and it provides some referrals of readers to TOTS: Business and TOTS: Family.

Please comment below where you share your posts.

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