Get More Webinar Leads with These 4 Facebook Marketing Tricks & Tips

Get More Webinar Leads with These 4 Facebook Marketing Tricks & Tips.

Get More Webinar Leads with These 4 Facebook Marketing Tricks & Tips.

Using webinars to get more leads and sales is an effective marketing strategy, and one which most marketers say provides one of the best ROI’s.

For webinars to be effective, you need the right webinar platform such as ClickMeeting so that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and you absolutely have to provide value to your target audience.

While Facebook is one excellent avenue for getting more leads, it is suggested that you plan a 12 week marketing strategy that includes other promotional tactics.

For example cold emailing (using an email finding tool like Norbert, plug in the names of prospective registrants to generate a list of people to contact via email. In the email, include a link to the webinar registration page.)

As for your Facebook efforts, here are four great tricks and tips to include in your promotional strategy:

1: Make a Value-Add Promo Video

Video generates a whopping 135% more traffic than an image. Create a video that is not blatantly promotional and include a link to the webinar registration page. Make sure your value-add video is relevant to your target audience as well as to the webinar.

Get More Webinar Leads with These 4 Facebook Marketing Tricks & Tips

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Tips to making it work:

1. You don’t need a whole production team to create a promotional video. You can easily create one with your smartphone, but the message is key. Try a message of inspiration and speak from the heart. Or give a rare tip that is of value to your target audience, and at the end, give them the opportunity to register for your webinar.
2. Keep it short – around two minutes in length is good.
3. Add subtitles so that if the sound is off, they will keep watching.
4. Grab attention within the first few seconds.
5. The video should be heart warming, funny or entertaining.
6. Add a specially designed Facebook page cover about the webinar and change the call to action button to “watch video”.

2: Advertise on Facebook

For just a small amount, you can reach hundreds, if not thousands, of potential leads by placing a targeted Facebook ad.

Tips to making it work:

1. Don’t just send an ad out on Facebook. Instead, be sure to make your ad as targeted as possible. Use “audience insights” in Ad Manager to find information about the people who have shown interest in your page.
2. Ensure the Facebook ad aligns to the webinar landing page.
3. As they run, test your ads and tweak them as you go, changing one little thing at a time.

3: Use Facebook Events

Create an event for your webinar on Facebook so you can send out invitations.

Use Facebook Events Create an event for your webinar on Facebook so you can send out invitations.

Tips to making it work:

1. Give the event an interesting title so it grabs attention.
2. In the description, focus on the benefits of attending.
3. Create hype by posting teasers on the event page about a week before the webinar.
4. Ask friends and family to share the event.

4: Double Up With A Third Party

This trick is powerful if done correctly; piggybacking on a more successful third party increases participants, engagement and your own credibility.

Tips to making it work:

1. Get the right third party involved. If you have a client that is well known, you could even ask them to host the event and put a big sticker on your promotions saying, “sponsored by…”. Another suggestion is to get a well-known person on board that will work to attract more attention.
2. Be sure to come up with a way to provide value to the third party so that they also benefit.
3. Tag the third party in the Facebook posts leading up to the webinar and ask them to do the same. If you have to, have special posts designed for them that they can use on their page to promote the webinar.
4. It’s a great idea to use the third party’s email list to notify their people about the webinar.

Get more tips on getting more attention on your Facebook posts.


There are many ways to promote your webinar to maximize the amount of registrants, and you can try these four methods of generating leads via Facebook:

1. Create a value-add video that directs traffic to your webinar sign-up page.
2. Pay for targeted advertising on Facebook.
3. Setup a Facebook Events page.
4. Partner up with someone else.

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