Accounting Simplified eBook

Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Accounting Simplified eBook for FREE! Right now on Amazon you can get this handy Accounting Simplified eBook for $0.88! This is perfect for anyone looking to learn new financial strategizes for your business.

Accounting Simplified eBook

As a starter, any business needs to know about its core activities in order to determine and evaluate whether the right strategies are being implemented or not.

This can be cumbersome if you do not know from where and how to begin. There is nothing to worry about as this can be simply aided by the know-how of basic accounting techniques we present to you in this book – Accounting Simplified.

With tables and illustrations Sam A. Brown will show help you understand exactly how to keep the books of your own business, or at the very least understand it.

Even when we outsource these services, it is intelligent business strategy to understand how to read the numbers. After all, the success of any business always lies at the bottom line.

Accounting Simplified explains general accounting concepts that can often seem daunting and confusing. Learn the basics now!

You will learn..

  • How to strategize financially for your business
  • The Accounting Balance Sheet
  • How Cash Flow works in an Accounting System
  • The Essential Dual System- which the accounting world revolves around
  • The books of Prime Entry and the Transactions they Record
  • A Simple and Practical Example to lock in Everything you’ve Learnt
  • Common Accounting Principles
  • Bookkeeping for Small Business
  • An Excerpt from another Sam A. Brown Book
  • And More!


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