Folding Cartons For Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

When it comes to merchandise, packaging is definitely important.  Packaging is what draws a consumer to a product, and although there are many quality items that are sold in plain, nondescript packages, the truth is a pretty package goes a long way.  Folding cartons are becoming an increasingly popular package design and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.  Whether you are looking for folding cartons to package your gourmet cookies or are looking for custom designed gift boxes, folding cartons are sturdy and durable, and they can be specifically designed to meet your production needs.

Rigid Set-Up Boxes/Custom Package Design

Rigid set up boxes are a great choice for gourmet food items, makeup, and corporate gifts. Made with durable glossy cardboard, these boxes come in a variety of styles to meet all of your product needs.  Styles include hinged lid, cigar style, set up box with lid, clamshell box, set up box with case, and tray boxes.  Additionally, you can request a custom designed rigid set up box that is specifically designed to hold your particular product perfectly.

Custom Package Design

If your products are not of standard size or you have a particular design logo in mind for your folding cartons, custom package design is easy and convenient.  The custom packaging process includes a fully integrated CAD/CAM system for prototyping, a digital pre-press system for proofing and plating service, precise color matching, CTP (computer to plate) technology, and customers can upload their designs through a secure FTP site.  Design options include embossing and de-bossing, foil stamping, aqueous and UV coatings, satin UV coatings, matte UV coatings, glitter UV, and soft touch UV.

Printing and Packaging Services

Package design is an important aspect for any business, especially those in the food industry.  If you are in need of printing and packaging services for your folding cartons, there are a variety of service to choose from.  Basic products and services include custom hand tooling, machined paper inserts, packaging for direct food contact, applications for indirect food contact, source tagging, security links, label application, RFID application, foil laminates, and metalized films.  Additionally, there are daily delivery and shipping services available for packaging customers.

Folding Carton Options

There are a variety of options to choose from when picking out a folding carton style.  Whether you are in need of small and compact corporate gift boxes or large wholesale folding cartons, there is definitely a style to meet your needs.  Additional style options include printed folding cartons, custom made gift boxes, printed folding cartons, and value added packaging.

High Quality Packaging

Your product packaging is basically a calling card for your business, and you want to make sure that your package represents your product and business in a fashion that is memorable and will keep the customers coming back for more.  By enlisting the services of a professional box and packaging company, you can rest assured that your product will have the proper packaging that is not only stylish and effective, it meets all industry standards and is sturdy and reliable.

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