How To Install and Set Up Filezilla

FileZilla is a FTP/SFTP client that allows you to transfer files between websites and your computer.

Basically is it a link between your server and web site. It is where you can update changes to your website (if you use certain programs ie. Dreamweaver) and also store important information/documents that you do not want to lose in case your computer crashes.

If you have a self-hosted website or blog Filezilla is a must have.

When I first started my businesses website I was very confused about how to set up Filezilla. All of the people I talked to and websites I visited where very technical and difficult for me to understand.

Below I have outlined some simple steps on how to install and set up Filezilla. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Step 1

Go to the Filezilla website and click on ‘Download Filezilla Client’


How to set up filezilla step 1


Step 2

Choose the option that best reflects your computer/operating system. For my Windows 8 PC I chose the green button. Follow the instructions to download the program onto your computer.

How to set up filezilla step 2Step 3

Once you install Filezilla and open it your initial screen will look like this. Click on ‘File’ and then ‘Site Manager’.

How to set up filezilla step 3


Step 4

Click on ‘New Site’.

How to set up filezilla step 4


Step 5

In the inside box on the left hand side click on ‘New Site’/ It will highlight in blue. You can now customize your site name. I recommend using the name of your business or blog.

How to set up filezilla step 5


Step 6

We can now start filling out the information on the right hand side of the inside box. From the top down;

Host – Enter your servers IP address

Protocol – Leave as FTP

Encryption – Leave as Use Plain FTP

Logon Type – Normal

User – Enter your username as given to you by your hosting provider (for example with cPanel).

Password – Enter your password which you use for your hosting provider (for example with cPanel).

Click ‘Connect’.


How to set up filezilla step 6Step 7

If everything has been inputted correctly you will see the ‘Directory Listing Successful’ message under a bunch of green responses. If there has been an error the responses will be in red.

How to set up filezilla step 7


Congrats you have just installed Filezilla.

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